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Brown Technical Publications

a division of Brown Technical Media Corporation

and sister company of Brown Book Shop



That was then...Houston 1946: there was only one "downtown" and only one important book store and Brown was it. Touring authors stopped in for autographs and interviews. Intellectuals and celebrities strolled over from their hotels to check out the local scene. Ted and Sylvia Brown were knowledgeable, attentive, and engaging. They got whatever their customers wanted, but usually had it in stock.

Eventually the downtowns multiplied in Houston, and best sellers were available in every neighborhood. But Houston was - and is - the center of the oil industry, and many related and unrelated industries and specialties. Brown also evolved...into a technical bookstore, featuring the kind of books, codes, and materials sought by engineers, trades and construction people, scientists, and specialists in a wide variety of fields.

This is Now...BrownTechnical is still a bookstore, still downtown, and you can walk over to the corner of


Leeland and San Jacinto from the Convention Center just a few blocks away...to browse, to buy, or just to see what's new in your field. However, our biggest business is online, and the staff knows what they're doing...still knowledgeable, attentive, and engaging...give us a call (1-888-515-5289), chat on line, or check out the rest of the site.

 Brown Technical Publications was formed with the intention to bring 70 years of knowledge in a number of different trades and provide quality content for trade professionals.